Practical guide to digital publishing


Learn how to publish books on Amazon Kindle and other electronic platforms.

Whether you’re an author or an entrepreneur, book publishing offers a massive opportunity to amplify your influence and impact while also earning some income on the side. Thankfully, electronic platforms have provided a way to circumvent the challenges associated with traditional publishing.

In this course, you will learn the fundamentals of eBook publishing and see exactly how to turn a simple Microsoft Word document into a professionally crafted eBook that meets the standard requirements of all the major publishing platforms.

You will get a sneak peek into the exact process that we have used to publish several books, both for ourselves and for an elite group of satisfied clients. You will also be provided with ready-made formatting templates that will save you lots of time and make your work even easier.

The training is simple and straightforward. You can take the entire course today and have your book on Amazon tomorrow.

What Do I Get?

  • Learn how to format e-books like a pro
  • Detailed video tutorials
  • Free templates
  • Start a self-publishing business

Course Outline

6 Lessons01h 48m

Create and publish e-books

Introduction to digital publishing15:51
Formatting your book20:58
Setting up your book navigation25:26
Closer look at e-book navigation6:38
Creating a marketable cover7:08
Publishing on Amazon Kindle25:28